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About's market spreadsheet

I've been saving markets into my spreadsheet for years, because I wanted an easy way to find just a certain type of market without having to read through hundreds of listings. This way I can look at, for example, only horror markets that accept reprints greater than 10,000 words. I've chosen to share this spreadsheet in the hopes that others will find it useful.

I list only publications, contests, and anthologies that offer compensation beyond "royalties-only" or "POD shared payment." I list only contests that don't charge entry fees.

I update this list on a regular basis. You can be notified of when I update my website by subscribing to my email newsletter above, or by following my RSS feed. My news RSS feed, which will announce market list updates, publications, and other useful news, is at (more information about my RSS feeds).

To inform me about a new publication, or to share the news about a publication you made in a market you found by using this list, email me at

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Ways to use the market list spreadsheet

The nice thing about a spreadsheet is that it can be sorted. This allows you to search for, say, magazines that will accept horror reprints that are longer than 10,000 words. Or fantasy stories shorter than 1,000 words.

Sorts I find useful:

* For a normal story--Sort by 1) genre of choice, 2) pay per word, and then 3) flat pay. This makes it easy to find what market will pay most for your kind of story. Markets that pay a flat rate only will have the pay per word column blank.

* For a really long story--Sort by 1) genre of choice, 2)maximum word count, and then 3) pay per word. Repeat the search for flat pay instead of pay per word, if you like.

* For an already published story--Sort by 1) genre of choice, 2) reprints, and then 3) pay or maximum/minimum length, depending on the story's peculiarities.

Don't forget that you can also sort by date updated to see the newest markets added!

- Abra Staffin Wiebe



Name - The name of the market, contest, or anthology. For contests and anthologies, I include the due date for submissions.

Date Listing Updated - The date that I last updated the entry in the markets spreadsheet, not the date the market itself updated last.

Max Wordcount - Maximum wordcount accepted. Left blank if there is no maximum.

Min Wordcount - Minimum wordcount accepted. Set to 0 if no minimum wordcount is specified.

Genres - My attempt to sum up what the market's looking for.

Spec-Fic - Speculative fiction is the vaguest of categories and includes mixed genre, magic realism, and literary fiction with a twist. Y if they accept it, N if they don't.

F - Fantasy. Y if they accept it, N if they don't.

SF - Science Fiction. Y if they accept it, N if they don't.

H/DF - Horror/Dark Fantasy. Y if they accept it, N if they don't.

Book/Movie Reviews - Book and/or movie reviews. This is a just-added category, and so many of the market entries are blank. Y if they accept it, N if they don't.

Other Non-Fiction - Essays, etc. This is a just-added category, and so many of the market entries are blank. Y if they accept it, N if they don't.

Pay per word - Fiction - In US dollars. See "Payment Notes" for more information.

Flat Pay - Fiction - In US dollars. If there are multiple levels of flat pay (frequently), I add the info to the "Payment Notes" section.

Payment Notes - Royalty information, original pay scale in non-US currency, multiple levels of flat pay, and other compensation.

Reprints - Anything published elsewhere, usually including on your own website or blog. This does not include a members-only critique workshop. Y if they accept it, N if they don't, blank if they don't specify.

Source - Where I originally heard about this market.

Website - Their submission guidelines website. Always read this before submitting!

Notes - Anything else that seems pertinent.

Note on Dead Markets: I do keep dead markets in the spreadsheet. I put "DEAD MARKET" after the name. I also try to make sure they won't be included within a sort by changing the maximum wordcount to zero, the minimum to 100,000, all genres to N, and reprints to N.