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Aswiebe's Market List Update 2016-09: Helios Quarterly Magazine

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The next update of Aswiebe's Market List will be after 10/15/2016.
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Thoughts in Passing

Now that the kids are in school (the littlest one for only three mornings a week), I'm struggling with the eternal question: how do I budget my time? Writing is one of those things where almost every aspect of it will expand to fill up however much time you give it. The famous productivity metaphor of putting the big rock in the bucket first doesn't work as well when instead of rocks and sand you have seven fire hoses! We'll see how it goes.

What I've been up to lately, writing-wise:

Presentations and novella revisions, mostly. I also heard back about my tiny part in a project that was tabled a while ago--because they needed to pay me because it's going ahead! That was a delightful surprise, like finding $20 in your winter coat when you take it out of storage. You'll hear more about this once it's out.

Things Shiny or Useful
Archive of all shiny or useful links: http://www.aswiebe.com/writing/shiny.html 

* Author Websites - MNSpec presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-89JpqGx78
* BetaBooks, a tool to help organize critique feedback on books: https://www.betabooks.co/
* Science in Science Fiction: http://dankoboldt.com/science-in-scifi/
* Moneyball for Book Publishers: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/15/business/media/moneyball-for-book-publishers-for-a-detailed-look-at-how-we-read.html?_r=0

Featured Market
Helios Quarterly Magazine seeks SF/F/Horror for themed issues.


The secrets being kept from us reveal a world in of themselves. Science fiction has a long speculative history of new technology and species, the likes of which humanity has never seen. The horror genre always aims to excite and instill fear, with depictions of possessions and cruel vengeance. Fantasy literature can always teeter on the edge of a grim dark worldview. RE_ACTED wants stories that explore the dark side of human progression. What are the secrets we’ve erased from our families shared histories? What is the government, society, or even the universe itself trying to shield us from seeing? Open to submit between October 1- October 15 11:59PM EST

Basics: SF/F/H, multiple lengths (100 words, 500-1,500 words, 4,000-10,000 words serialized), no reprints, pays $.02-$.03/word, has submission periods. Guidelines: http://heliosquarterly.com/index.php/submissions/.

Market List Updates
To see all the details about these new listings and what they're looking for, as well as hundreds of other listings, go to Aswiebe's Market List and download the latest version of the spreadsheet.
Name What they want Pay Per Word – Fiction Flat Pay – Fiction (Lowest) Website Notes
Ares Magazine All spec-fic, plus adventure. Action-adventure preferred. $0.060
Cast of Wonders Podcast Clean SF/F/H $0.060
Shimmer Magazine All spec-fic, mostly contemporary fantasy (no historical/high fantasy) $0.050
http://www.shimmerzine.com/guidelines/fiction-guidelines/ Preferred length 4,000 words. RIGHTS: first serial and electronic, archival, and non-exclusive anthology rights.
Nemesis ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY - DUE 8/31 Weird fiction $0.040
Helios Quarterly All spec-fic, themed $0.030
http://heliosquarterly.com/index.php/submissions/ SUBMISSION PERIODS: Jan 1-15, Apr 1-15, Jul 1-15, Oct 1-15. Short stories up to 1,500 words. Serial stories 4,000 - 10,000 words total.
Neo-Opsis SF/F $0.024
http://www.neo-opsis.ca/guidelines.htm Next ONE-TIME submission period: 01/15/2017 - 02/15/2017.
Gallery of Curiosities Weird fiction, steampunk, horror, retro-futurism $0.015
Mother's Revenge (Scary Dairy) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 12/02/2016 Themed: Mother Earth taking the world back from humans $0.010
Zoetrope: All-Story All genres, literary
$1,200.00 http://www.all-story.com/submissions.cgi Snail mail only.
Fiyah Speculative fiction by authors from the African diaspora
$150.00 http://www.fiyahlitmag.com/submissions/
Black Girl Magic Lit Mag Spec-fic with black female protagonist
$50.00 http://www.blackgirlmagicmag.com/submit/
Mythic Magazine SF/F
$40.00 http://www.mythicmag.com/p/submissions.html
Nefarious Thoughts Dark
$25.00 http://www.hippocampuspress.com/journals/nemesis/nemesis-no.-1
Double Feature Magazine SF/Horror
$25.00 http://doublefeaturemagazine.com/index.php/submissions/
Every Day Fiction All flash fiction
$3.00 http://www.everydayfiction.com/submit-story/
Laser and Sword Magazine - DEAD MARKET F/SF/dystopia/action-adventure
$10.00 http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/laser-and-sword-magazine-guidelines/
East of the Web - DEAD MARKET (see note) SF $0.050
http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/index.php?p=submissions/20131_1 Unclear if they're still actually looking at new submissions. According to Duotrope, as of 9/2/2016, they have a 100% non-response rate in the last 12 months. Haven't updated their Facebook since October 2015.

Keep writing, keep submitting, and good luck!

Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Compiler of Lists
Aswiebe's Market List
Abra Staffin-Wiebe's Author Website

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